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The Spirit of Indian Seafarers To celebrate Independence Day at Sea





The Independence Day has unique feelings in everyone’s heart and the celebrations of this day create an enthusiasm and feelings of nationalism. The decorations all around, various offers from shopping malls and media programs and news brings additional excitement and yes, the holiday, are the more and more reasons to celebrate this day individually and socially. The social gatherings, flag hoisting ceremonies, speech from red fort are the events that everyone associates to. The patriotic songs and music all over the place brings the “Josh” and remembrance of our great leaders who sacrificed their life to achieve this freedom.  


The Seafarers life is different as they sail in high seas, transporting the cargo from one country to another country. They face all kind of weather, warm, cold, monsoon, stormy and different sea conditions, rough sea, choppy sea and so on. Their nature of duty is to work round the clock, stay on ships day and night for months away from their near and dear ones and operate the ships machineries and equipment effectively in order to reach their destination port to deliver their cargo safely.


The sense and feelings of nationalism is very special in their heart and more so that they are not in their country at that time but far away in high seas and knowing remotely about their country through mobile messages, internet, social media if it is available to them. But this does not dampen the spirit of celebrating the Independence Day as they are the “Brave Seafarers”. They celebrate the Independence Day in their ships wherever they are, anywhere in the sea. organised an online campaign and asked the seafarers to send their photos of this occasion and they responded instantly and shared their unique photos to show to the world of their spirit to celebrate the Independence Day. salutes such spirit and would like to share this with world to let the world know that nationalism never dampen, no matter how far you are from your nation. has made a video from the photos, which were shared by the seafarers. This effort from is a way to salute the feelings of such brave sailors. Following are the links for this video on various social sites:


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